Open-die forgings 90mm to 900mm Weight Max. 30T

Flanged shafts max. ∅ 1,400mm

rings max. ∅ 1,650mm height Max. 500mm Weight Max 4.5t

Hollow parts deep-hole drilled ∅30mm to 800mm hollow forged ∅ 300mm to 900mm

Mandrel bars total length approx. 18,000mm

Flat rolled 30-250mm x 5-72mm forged 50-1,800mm x 30-880mm

Square forged 17-80mm Max. 800mm

Round forged ∅ 14-160mm max. ∅ 900mm

hydroelectric power

pelton wheels
Francis turbine parts
Kaplan Turbine Parts
rotor body
generator shafts
shaft ends


Generator shafts are at the heart of power generation.

Due to the high stress caused by centrifugal forces, they must be particularly tough and strong.

steam turbines

We manufacture forged steam turbines for the following areas of application:

Nuclear use (e.g. monobloc shafts, multi-piece shaft sets for welding)
Fossil use (e.g. 10% chrome shafts like CostE/F, FB2 for supercritical power plants)
Industrial use (e.g. 2% chrome steel for combination shafts)
Use in the field of renewable energies (e.g. geothermal, solar thermal)

gas turbines

Gas turbines consist of a compressor and a turbine part. Regardless of whether welded or screwed variations, Saarschmiede is a globally recognized supplier. Our portfolio includes the following forged parts:

compressor pulleys
gas turbine discs
Accessories such as hollow shafts, tie rods and shaft ends

cap rings

Cap rings are among the most stressed parts of a generator. They are each shrunk onto one end of the generator shaft and protect the windings against centrifugal forces.

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